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Getting Started

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Everything You Need to Get Started With INR Home Testing

Once your prescribing provider orders home testing, Remote Cardiac Services will provide you with the meter to test your warfarin levels, along with the necessary supplies, including test strips, lancets, etc. We will also provide training on meter operation and maintenance. After you have been trained, you will check your INR once weekly, and phone in your result to an automated phone system or via the mdINR® app (Apple or Andriod).

Patient Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have provided our patients a list of frequently asked questions and the answer to better assist them.

mdINR® App

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mdINR® App

We use the mdINR® app so as a patient on anticoagulation therapy prescribed by your provider, you quickly and efficiently enter your PT/INR self-test result and submit them through the app without having to call and navigate voice-prompt menus.
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Make RCS Your Partner Today

RCS is committed to assisting individuals, on long-term warfarin therapy, with a personalized service that allows the freedom of INR self-testing from the comfort of home or while traveling. RCS provides high quality products, dependable service and reliable home delivery of INR testing supplies, nationwide, that can help patients live a healthier life. Medicare and other insurers may cover services enabling warfarin patients to self-test their INR levels weekly at home. Frequent INR testing is supported by significant published data showing improved outcomes resulting in more time within your safe therapeutic range.

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