PT/INR Patient Self Testing Service
Learn about the Medicare and insurance approved test that's helping people who take Coumadin to check their own PT/INR at home.
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PT/INR Self Testing at Home
Self testing allows patients to test their INR from home or any other location. It improves INR control and significantly reduces the risk of major complications. Home Testing helps take the burden of Coumadin management away from the physician's practice.

What is PT/INR Self Testing?
PT/INR Self Testing now allows you to measure your blood's anti-coagulation level - how long it takes your blood to 'clot' - more often and more easily at home.

When you take Coumadin, it's important that your PT/INR be tested regularly.
Keeping your PT/INR within a safe range can help you to avoid serious complications such as bleeding or stroke, the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. and the leading cause of adult disability. Under normal circumstances, you may have been getting your PT/INR checked at your doctor's office, lab or clinic once every four to six weeks. Studies show that more frequent testing can help you reduce serious risks to your health.

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