Holter Monitoring Service
From the leader in Holter Monitoring, a service and technology that monitors every beat for 24 hours.
Increased efficiency
  • Remote Cardiac Services provides direct access to your patients.
  • Recorder uses 5 lead EASI hookup - the only Holter solution to offer the clinical advantages of the EASI lead system.
  • Remote Cardiac Service's Zymed analysis software enables QT, HRV, and ST.
Fast results delivered when you need them
  • Summarized reports are posted online within a day.
  • Stat reports can be completed within 3 hours of data download.
Improved access
  • Authorized users can view reports on the web.
Reports/Online Enrollment
Event Holter
Device Specifications
  • Test recorder with onboard display, 2.2 oz
  • Captures three channels of derived 12-lead ECG, providing highest quality patient data
  • Extra-slim design for patient comfort
  • Pacemaker detection with sensitivity adjustment
  • Non-removable memory prevents accidental data loss and enhances data security

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